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What Makes a Good Capability Statement

When printing it to distribute to others, use high-quality thick/glossy paper. Make sure the colors used are consistent in your company`s letterhead, on the website, on business cards, etc. Also, don`t fill every inch of your skill statement with words and graphics – be sure to leave a blank space for easy readability. After saving your file as a PDF, it`s also a good idea to email a test document to close contacts. You can then make sure that it opens on different computers or devices and looks the way you want before you submit it. The U.S. government is the world`s largest buyer of goods and services, awarding billions of dollars in orders each year for various products and services, in large and small quantities. This represents a profitable opportunity for small businesses, as the law requires that at least 23% of all federal purchases be covered by small businesses. In general, an explanation of your small business` design capacity should be about one to four pages, depending on the specified requirements, and include the following: Can`t quite imagine what to write in this section? Here are some questions you should answer: What is a declaration of capabilities? A competency statement is a concise, one-page document of your business skills. Think of it as your company`s resume.

Its purpose is to provide specific information that convinces potential customers to do business with you. If it`s well written, it will set your business apart from the competition! You have limited space, so be sure to focus on your skills, fallow eligibility, and past performance. The five key areas included in a successful effective competency statement are: Competency instructions may seem daunting, but the hardest part might just be getting started. The best way to get your declaration of capacity off the ground may be to put something on paper. Make a first draft and give yourself a single rule: No perfect first drafts allowed! Then you can go back to it, point another pair of eyes at it and determine what needs to be added, removed or cleaned. Regardless of the size of your business, you should definitely have an explanation of the skills. In fact, this is important if you hope to work with the government as an approved supplier. Government agencies often require companies to submit a declaration of performance with their bids. In addition, prime contractors may require subcontractors to submit performance statements in order to restrict their selection.

Collecting your content and defining your skill statement is only half the battle. This is a document that needs to be constantly maintained and updated as your business evolves and grows. Watch the YouTube video below, where USFCR web developer Jimi Diaz shares an overview of his 15 years of experience writing competency statements: Competency instructions typically include those of a company: A competency statement sits between the business card and a SOW (Scope of Work) in preparation for a proposal that is fully tailored to specific needs. Skill instructions are between 2 and 8 pages long. Over time, you may see your competency statement evolve, with more A+ customer references, more robust core competencies, and stronger differentiators, but it all starts somewhere. Why not now? And while it`s good to have a general skills statement, you should also consider creating a new document for each agency, bonus, or team opportunity. In this way, each competency statement is tailored with all the unique information it needs for that particular opportunity. You should really take the time to make sure your competency statement is perfect.

Just as every professional has a resume detailing their achievements, experience and skills, every company should have the equivalent. A feature statement can be especially useful in a network environment because it saves you from having to embed every point in a conversation. It can also be a great element to add to your website as a download available to potential government buyers and prime contractors to learn more about your business. This section of your company`s capacity statement is pretty simple, but it has a few different subsections. You should include the following elements of your business: Start with a short sentence or two of a business description. Note the size of your business, your turnover, the number of employees and the typical geographical area if they are compatible with the needs of your target company. If not, just focus on these details: Tags: Building Relationships, Competencies, Competency Statement, Competency Statements, Entrepreneurs, Core Competencies, Decision Makers, Differentiators, Creating Competency Statements, DUNS, GSA, NAICS, Past Performance The Competency Statement is pretty much a resume for your business. When you make your declaration of ability, you want to bring it out of the crowd. Here are some tips: Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the agency you are contacting and make sure your statement directly meets those requirements. Wondering in which industry your company belongs? Where would your products and services be used successfully? Selling in the government market is very competitive and you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

There are four key factors you need to develop in order for you to make a positive impression on a federal agency: Whether you`re creating a template from scratch or customizing your overall competency statement, you can first enter section headings for the information you know you should include. Then, when filling out sections, those titles can keep you organized and remind you not to try to put everything in one section. An entrepreneur`s sections may look like this just to identify a handful: It`s recommended that you create your skill statements in Word or Publisher. If you have an established company logo, you must include it and any other professional photo you deem appropriate. The color palette should also match your company logo. Your marketing materials should always match your company`s brand image. Be sure to send your company`s performance records to as many purchasing employees as possible. But don`t stop there.

Just because you once sent it to a Prime or buying agent doesn`t mean he or she necessarily saw it. These stewards are inundated with marketing materials, and he can take multiple calls and emails to be seen. After you have created your competency statement and want to make sure that all of the above sections are included, you need to make sure that the document is properly created and stored in a compatible format for sharing with other people. In fact, functional instructions can take all forms, including HTML/Web pages, Word documents, PDFs, and even self-executing CDs. When it comes to your construction business, it`s the work of meaning. As with a resume, a single competency statement does not match all opportunities. Entrepreneurs should consider creating a core competency statement that they can then tailor to specific projects and requirements. Know what your target audience wants to see for that particular submission. Depending on your company`s model, select the most relevant project histories, customer references, etc. And think about cutting what won`t be! A competency statement should be created in Word or another easily editable program.

It is concise (one or two pages) and specifically related to the needs of each agency. .